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Welcome to the Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa


The membership of the Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa comprises almost 200 of South Africa’s leading diamond manufacturers, dealers in diamonds and precious stones, and jewellers.

Why should you deal with a member of the Diamond Dealers Club?

  • They employ stringent guidelines in screening applicants for membership, ensuring that they are knowledgeable, ethical, financially secure, and fully ensured.
  • For many years the Diamond Dealers Club has been a leading and active member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, who:
  • Meet regularly to discuss the trade and its problems;
  • Meet with international leaders, gem laboratories and the D.T.C. in the interests of the trade;
  • Prescribes rules of conduct internationally for members, e.g. compulsory disclosure of treated diamonds, diamond simulants and synthetic coloured gemstones; circulates information on member suspensions and expulsions internationally.
  • The Diamond Dealers Club monitors members’ conduct and provides arbitration and disciplinary proceedings, which may be brought against members for breach of conduct or ethics, thus safeguarding the honour and the integrity of the industry.
  • The Diamond Dealers Club members form a vast network for the supply of diamonds, precious stones and jewellery of all possible varieties, while the Club keeps members informed of the latest development in simulants, synthetics and treated stones.
  • The Diamond Dealers Club members receive legal advice from a labour consultant and assistance from its Secretariat.
  • The Diamond Dealers Club is the high court of “Mazal and Bracha”


It means that you can benefit by dealing with a Member of the Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa, and be assured of:

  • Reliability
  • Ethical and honest conduct
  • Accountability in case of grievances
  • Expertise
  • Prestige of its Members, due to strict control and criteria
  • Confidence (the fifth “C”)

Ask your supplier if they are a Member of the Club. If they are, you can do business with confidence.


The word “diamond” is derived from the Greek word “adamas” which means indestructible, or unconquerable. And diamonds are exactly that – having a history that spans billions of years and one that is steeped in mystery, power, beauty, wealth and spirit.

The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were the tears of the gods. Powerful stones that have for millennia affected the heavens, and the hearts of millions, let’s take a look at their interesting history:


To become a Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa member simply download the application form, fill it in and send it back to

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